Memorial Services

 The memorial services in our Jodo Shinshu tradition are not held for comforting the spirit of the deceased but rather for those of us who remain in this world, so that we may hear the teachings of Dharma, or the truth, and realize how fragile yet precious our lives are.


  These precious opportunities are given to each of us that we may strengthen our relationships with family and friends and deepen our understanding of life through the Jodo Shinshu teachings. It is also a way to truly respond to the wishes of our beloved ones in our daily lives.

Below are the suggested memorial services(SVC) for this year, 2016.

Name of Service

Year Deceased

1st year memorial SVC


3rd year memorial SVC


7th year memorial SVC


13th year memorial SVC


17th year memorial SVC


25th year memorial SVC


33rd year memorial SVC


50th year memorial SVC


May we truly respond to the aspiration of our beloved ones.


*Please call Kaneohe Higashi Hongwanji Mission in advance to make an appointment for your memorial service.


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