Funeral Services

   If you have just lost a loved one or have someone dear to you near the end. The following are questions which people have on how to proceed at this difficult time.

hasu009My mother is very near the end. Is there something we should be doing at this time?

   Generally, people near the end of life are wanting spiritual comfort as well as physical and emotional comfort. Minister is available for visitations. Rev. Nishihori is available for visitations. Please call the temple at 808-247-2661.

hasu009What should we do when she dies?

   Rev. Nishihori will arrive on request to conduct the bedside service (Makuragyo) on his/her passing. Bedside service can be conduct at the hospital, in your home, or at the mortuary.

hasu009What happens next?

   If death occurs in the hospital, the hospital reports the death to the Board of Health and will make arrangements with the mortuary to have your loved one transported there for further family instructions. It is best to check his/her papers or with him/her while he/she is well as to whether he/she has a funeral plan. At this point, you will need to decide whether you would like to have him/her cremated or interred.

hasu009What do we need to consider as we plan the funeral service?

a) Venue: The family should decide where you would like to have the service. Kaneohe Higashi Hongwanji Mission can accommodate up to 85 people. For a larger funerals, you may want to use the mortuary's facilities.


b) Pre-funeral meeting with minister: Please call the temple to arrange for the meeting. Deceide how you would like to create the service program. Approximate the number of attendees and make arrangements with caterer. Here is the standard funeral format.

1. Opening Remarks by MC, or Officiating Minister
2. Bestowing of Buddhist (Dharma) name
3. Sutra Chanting
4. Offering of Incense by the Family and Congregation
5. Reading of Rennyo’s Letter (On the White Ashes)
6. Dharma Message by Minister
7. Eulogy
8. Words of Appreciation
9. Closing Remarks

* Order and content of the service can be arranged according to the family wishes.

c) Flower: The funeral director at the mortuary or the temple can recommend a florist(s) depending on your needs, upon request.

hasu009If my mother is cremated, do we take the urn to the temple or the cemetery for burial?

   The temple's Nokotsudo continues to accept urns. The Nokotsudo is open for regular office hours, 9 am to 5 pm, and by appointment made with the minister. To inter cremains in the Nokotsudo, fill out the application form attached to the Nokotsudo user's agreement. These documents are available at the temple office.  

hasu009How do we express our gratitude to the minister and the temple? 

   There is no schedule of fees for the minister and the temple. Gratitude is personal. One envelope should be given to the minister and another to the temple. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call the temple for further asistance.

hasu009 How often do we have memorial services and who should attend?

     Memorial services are held on the following anniversary dates/year:


49th day
100th day 
1st year or First Anniversary
3rd year or 2nd Anniversary
7th year or 6th Anniversary
13th year or 12th Anniversary
17th year or 16th Anniversary
25th year or 24th Anniversary
33th year or 32nd Anniversary
50th year or 49th Anniversary

     The memorial services are precious oppourtunities for family and friends to strengthen relationshios, and deepen their understanding of life through the Jodo Shinshu teachings. 

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